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Last updated on Nov 03, 2022 11:46 in Woowa Crm
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Woowa Google Form Addon

  1. Manual Install

  1. Create a Google Form with whatsapp phone number field, go to setting (3 dots) on the right up corner, and click Script Editor

  1. Make sure for whatsapp number field, it use ‘short-answer text’

  1. Open this link: code.txt 

  1. Select all the code (ctrl+A) and Copy it (ctrl+C):

5.   Paste in script editor, and Save:


B.How to Use

1. After install woowa google form addon click icon Add-ons

2. After that Click Woowa Settings to open the sidebar

3. Than click Set Trigger 

3. Now you can start setting your woowa add-ons,
-Type is the services you use in Woowa (international users for now only available Woowa eco, Indonesian already have Woowandroid beta and CRM beta).
-No WA is the form name which contains whatsapp destination number.
-Key/CS-ID/Device-ID/Device-Key is the code you can get from woowa dashboard/woowandroid app/woowa-CRM.
Device ID for Woowa CRM user you can get from here:

-Template is the message you want to send to destination number or person who fill your form

In Template, there are 2 important elements:
-Form variable: just copy paste the question name and put it in [    ], for example in the form above [Name} to call their name in template, [Phone number] to call their phone number in template.

-Spin-Text: you can randomize every sentences by put the synonym in {a|b|c}, for example {Hi|Helooo|Good morning|} it will appear in 3 variation for every person who fill your form:
  --person A will get: Hi Yudha
  --person B will get: Helooo Lusi
  --person C will get: Good morning James

*this is important feature because you need to make your messages as ‘human’ as possible so will decrease the risk of your whatsapp sender number be banned

There are 2 versions of the woowa addon

 -- latestv1.txt lite version send wa to client only

 -- latestv2.txt send wa to client & admin

** The time is base on Asia/Jakarta timezone